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We view art collecting as an emotional and intellectual investment, as well as a financial one.

At Pursuits, we collaborate with clients to develop informed, customized and innovative collections. We believe in an enhanced experience: the advisory manages all areas of the collecting process to make it seamless and fun. We work solely for the client, offering impartial advice and complete transparency. Our services inspire confidence and trust.

Introduction to the Art World

Identifying a collector’s thematic interests and artistic vision is the first step in building a meaningful and unique collection. We encourage our clients to join us in exploring select museum and gallery exhibitions to help inspire and focus the foundation of their collecting philosophy.

Research & Education

Research is at the core of Pursuits practice. The advisory supports client learning and engagement by sharing information from an extensive collection of books, catalogues and archives. We open the door for the client to develop a deeper appreciation of the artist, their career, and important historical influences.

Equally important, the advisory includes in-depth art market research through meticulously analyzing auction databases, monitoring market trends, and consulting a wide-range of private sector sales. The verification of provenance is critical to art historical importance and guaranteeing lasting market value. The advisory works closely with independent certified conservators worldwide to ensure the validity of artworks under consideration.

Pursuits shares this information with clients through comprehensive presentations for each new acquisition, providing invaluable intellectual, financial, and emotional context for the collector.

Access & Acquisitions

Marla has a unique two-pronged approach to her business practice, which incorporates the development of original museum exhibitions and curated private art collections. This benefits her clients by providing unparalleled access to highly coveted works of art through her network of international galleries, dealers, auction houses, foundations and experts in the field.

Working closely with artists and institutions allows Marla to facilitate private studio visits and exhibition tours with high-level museum directors. Personalized tours of art fairs, biennales, and auction houses are exciting educational experiences we encourage our clients to participate in. As part of the acquisition process, Marla opens the door for clients to become part of a larger global community that thrives on ideas, conversations and creativity.

Collection Management

Pursuits seamlessly manages all logistical details for our clients with a network of trusted art professionals. The advisory is responsible for every step of the acquisition, overseeing:

  • Processing artwork invoices
  • Crate construction
  • International Shipping
  • Import and export brokering
  • Custom framing options
  • Supervising the fine art installation team
  • Design tailored lighting to best compliment the work

Pursuits continues to stay actively engaged with client collections by maintaining comprehensive artwork catalogues. We track every aspect of our client’s collection, continuously monitoring market value and predominant art world trends. We work closely with our client’s insurance team to reevaluate the collection, adjusting currency exchange for artworks purchased out of country. In the event a collector wishes to de-accession an artwork, Pursuits efficiently and discretely ensures the best price is achieved by international art market standards.